Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Do you like standing beneath the stars, their light and patterns comforting, soothing, calming and yet sometimes exhilarating?
I love night walks and gazing at the phases of the moon, tracking its dance across the sky; far more at peace beneath its cool light than the blazing sun.
I like foggy twilight as it settles in, the sun gone down, night birds alive with the hush of woods.
I like dark wooded paths, haunted places, and spooky trees; I wish to say "I have arrived friends, let me haunt with you".
Some of us like the darkness, revel in the night, the crisp air, the cool wind.
Where there are souls aching for bright days with outstretched arms to the sun, there are those of us in shadow, running out into sunsets, dancing with crickets and bats as the stars become brighter and the sky darker.
We like black and midnight blue, we like deep purple and dark grey - we are the ones content to sit in darkness with no light or candle at peace with the night.
We are the ones captivated by the enormity of the universe above us and marveling at shadows cast by the moon.
For us, 3am is not uncommon a time to be awake, vibrant, and unafraid.
Balmy nights with cicada symphonies, brisk chilly nights with falling snowflakes, thunderous storm rich nights of lightning wars and still autumn nights of October chill are our playgrounds.
What separates us from others? Nyctophelia some call it. A love of night? Oh, yes. A nocturnal need and a lust for starlight. The moon is our beacon, and the darkness our solace.

By: Elizabeth Azpurua