Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Do we hold onto people because we fear what they will do if we let them go? Do we love because we need? Do we hate because we see in them what we dislike in ourselves? Do we lie because the truth burns our tongues? Do we preach because we cannot take our own advice? Do we sing because our soul knows no other way to speak? Do we hope because without it we would perish? Do we cry because there are no words to explain? Do we ache because we are falling apart in slow portions? Do we laugh because our hearts crave joy?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Be True

If you want others to take you at your word, make your words match the actions you take; if you want them to believe in your craft, craft for yourself something they believe. If you fear they will see through the mask that you wear, wear only your face and leave it all bare. Don't show me with words what you claim that is true, show me in all that you accomplish and do and above all if you wish to say other than you feel you might as well match your proclaiming to what is real. If truth is what you preach, then only preach truth and act upon all that is leaving your mouth. If you can't muster up the ability to be what you say then say what it is that you are. If you wish to be pink but your color is grey, don't come to me saying you're some other way. If all that is in you is something named 'false' then don't speak to me of how things supposedly are. All that we are is the deeds that we do and all that we're not is what shall never be true; if you think in your costumes you are hiding behind that you'll gain a following, you're out of your mind. Actions speak louder than words and words carry weights; they carry confusions and they suddenly break. Become what you preach and be who you are for nothing is better than someone who knows who they're not. Inside all our doings we show what we mean, we show our true colors, whether yellow, or green, our words mean quite nothing to those listening ears if we parade about in false colors and cry out fake tears. There is nothing more lovely than someone who embodies truth in all that they say and all that they do.