Sunday, February 26, 2012

Be Our Own

There's so much debating between right and wrong and truth and lies.
There's so many arguments and pointed fingers.
There's people claiming they know and you don't understand.
There's people supposing your actions and choices make you wrong.
There's people wishing to make you into their idea of what is right.
There's a war against personal beliefs, opinions, and speaking our minds.
There's well spoken people making valid points and swaying people to feel differently than what they ever wanted to.
There's people who think they know exactly how it really is.
In the midst of all this, it is hard to find a steady ground beneath your feet when pulled to and fro, most often by those whose opinions, beliefs, and choices you value.
In the midst of the confusion you're left trying to take all sides and find all common ground and you wish to say that "all are right" or "all are true" when this cannot be so if you are to remain on someone's "side".
In the midst of this pressure to choose, to know, to feel, think, perceive and stand for, you do not know which is right for you.
Sometimes, you have to step back.
Sometimes, you have to stop and listen to your beating heart and find out what that sound means to you.
Sometimes, you have to forget what everyone says around you and listen to your own soul - and when you listen, and feel, then you know what it is that you stand for, believe, know, understand and hold onto.
That becomes your right.
That becomes your truth.
That becomes your reason for holding up the light of your own knowledge.
This feeling, it cannot be taken from you when firmly founded in the depths of your soul.
This feeling should be guarded and treasured and recalled often.
This feeling is what gets you through the arguments, debates, and confusions which abound around you.
This feeling is the rock you stand on no matter what comes your way.
Because we were born with the ability to have our own convictions.
Because we have the right to learn our own truth.
Because we were born to seek after knowledge, the knowledge right for us, for how we live and how we cope with the world.
Because we have the right to have opinions separate from those we love.
Because it's OK for us to be our own.