Friday, June 15, 2012

Money and Happiness

Money can't buy happiness.....but,
it can buy food - which is important
it pays for electric, which if you have ever
NOT had power for whatever reason
you realize it makes you happy
Money can't buy happiness....but,
it can buy cars, which make getting a job
and MORE money easier
it can pay for adoptions fees
for adorable pets who bring happiness
it can pay for vacations, traveling
and broadening your horizon
Money can't buy happiness......but,
it can buy comfort foods and pillows
and cushy mattress pillow top covers
and beds, and soap, and clean clothes
and ice cream and shoes and a cell phone
so you can stay in contact with people who
make you HAPPY
Money can't buy happiness, but it can be
used wisely on things that bring you
peace of mind, relaxation, fun, and the
feeling of happiness
So, the next time you turn on your light
and it comes on - be happy
The next time you open your fridge
and there is food - be happy
The next time you lose your car keys
to your car - be happy
The next time you walk into your home
and it needs dusting - be happy
The next time you're lost in a new city
on your vacation - be happy
The next time you have to try to fold sheets
for your bed - be happy
And mostly, as you stop and consider life
be grateful for what you DO have
and for the little bit of money you may have
and the small amount of things you have
not because they ARE happiness, but because
they make life a little simpler, which in turn
makes you a happier person
And when you DON'T have the money
and you DON'T feel happy
Hug a friend, your cat, breathe - air is FREE
Sing a song, watch the sunrise - it's also free
Smile, laugh, tell someone you love them
it won't cost you a dime
Now, I'm going to go have some ice cream
that was bought with money
and ice cream makes me HAPPY
and I will hug my cat