Monday, March 12, 2012

Small Things

it's not about all the big moments.
it is usually the small things that add up whether they be for good or ill.
it's not the mountain we stumble over, it's the small pebble.
it is not the tree we do not see in the field, but the small green chute growing from the acorn.
so, the small things are really the things that can make or break us.
when you get older, and look back, it was the smallest things that made all the difference.

a smile.
someone telling you they have faith in you.
being told you're not good enough.
being told you're too weird.
a hug through a car door.
a lie.
someone telling you they'll always be there.
someone saying "i love you".
it is the walks in nature and unexpected moments.
watching lightening from a porch or the sun rise.
listening to owls.
the smell of rain.

so many little things become the platform for which bigger things spring off of.
these little things mound high.
spill over.
these little things become what keeps us going or what holds us back.

we always see the big things.
we either celebrate them in photos or we mourn them in woes.
the little things add and add and before you know it they become like grains of sand on a beach and whether is be a beach of joy or a beach of sorrow, every little grain of sand meant something profound.
it is the small things that hold a huge impact in our lives.
never forget.
sometimes a conversation from childhood is the thing that gave you a mission.
sometimes a hug was the changing point for healing.
sometimes rain is the greatest cleanser of all.
sometimes a melody of a song whose lyrics brought solace can become the thing which comforts the most.
it is small things.
small things.