Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What If....?

Where would we all be if all ship builders believed that the only means of travel is to travel on the sea?
Where might we live if all mothers did believe that only in the mountains are children meant to be?
What would we eat if all farmers hated corn and only planted beans inside their fields?
What would have happened if soldiers only carried swords and never carried shields?
Where would you go if the train conductors feared the tracks beneath the trains and where would you sleep if no one thought to build shelters from the rains?
You want all the world to match your views and believe all that you believe yet you never stop to think or really to conceive
What might the land look like if all gardens hated green and if all children were taught to see only what is seen?
If the world were all the same, we would all be like drones, little robots in lines not like multicolored stones
The beauty in our faces comes from the stories that we tell and what we tell depends upon what we all see
If our eyes were all the same then our stories too would be and nothing would be rare and nothing would be free